The Patriarch. Born in 1933, founded Tre Monti in 1974 together his wife Thea.
Recently upgraded at switchboard operator and night porter. In addition to commanding everybody in Tre Monti, he personally runs the company’s restaurant, which is a very special place. It is reserved only for friend of us and there is no bill to pay..
Reference Model:
Nils Liedhom



If you like our wines, it is merit of him (if you don’t like them it is the fault of the vintage).
Vittorio is the agronomical and enological “mind” of Tre Monti. He is proud to have done “classic humanistic” studies, but his real master has been Donato Lanati, our enology consultant from 1996 to 2005.
Very good soccer midfielder, he’s not so quick but with a terrific foot…

Reference model:
Paulo Roberto Falcao


David Navacchia
Clearly the best of three. Only apparently weighted.
His relatives treacherously used his Law degree to foist to him accounting and marketing responsabilities.

Bad forward. Very bad shammer. Wrangler.

Reference Model:
Ruggiero Rizzitelli.