Tre Monti

2017 holidays: give Tre Monti as a gift !!

Also this year, on the occasion of the upcoming Christmas holidays, various “gift” proposals will be available. Elegant packages in solid wood or in lithographed cardboard, which can be “composed” at the customer’s discretion and, if desired, customized for each recipient.
Also, don’t forget that:

  • All our wines are certified organic
  • The packages can be customized not only in terms of the wine assortment, but also with artistic objects (ceramics) or artisanal food products (also possibly made available by the customer)
  • The very different formats (from the pack of 2 bottles up to the box of 12) allow to cover every type of need and budget.
  • f necessary, we also take care of the packaging, the insertion of personalized greeting cards inside the package) and shipping to individual recipients (even abroad)
  • There are no minimum purchases, but, obviously, special discounts are possible for moderate quantities.For information: 0542 657116 (ask for David or Vittorio)
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