Le Vigne

Albana, trebbiano and, of course, sangiovese.
Albana, first italian white to get the DOCG in 1987, is, today, a summary of ancient experiences and modern knowledges. The clone that is cultivated is the “Albana della Serra”: from it we get a wine with an extreme character, reflection of a strongly characterised terroir. a condensed of originality which finds fans from all over the world. Our estate can count on a sort of natual laboratory: the two different terroirs, over it develops, have represented into the time a real school of deepening of romagna par excellence, the sangiovese.

If from the Imola estate we get fresh and lively wines, from the Forli one we have more complex and austere wines, not without a certain minerality, influence of a not too much distant sea. So, the deep knoledge of the territory, the confrontation that is born harvest after harvest, had that led up to want to concentrate many ofour efforts just on those grapes, a contribute to continuing of oenological history of our region.

Organic, but not for a trend

We are strengthened by such a close relation with our vineyards and our territory, therefore the passage to a production
philosophy (in the vineyard and in the winery) which is more natural and respectful of the places where we live and work has
been quite natural

Passing through the birth of two wines without added sulphites (SONO bianco and SONO red, among the
first in Italy), starting from 2014 harvest, we pass to the organic certification of the whole holding area and of the entire
A path that seemed almost a foregone conclusion, but certainly not the result of commercial considerations or trends.