Our Estates

The farm consists of two different estates, one on the hills of Imola, the other on those between Castrocaro and Predappio. The overall surface covers about 50 hectares, all planted with vines. The zoning of the estates (1999) has highlighted a great range of compositions even within the same plot, making it mandatory for a further subdivision into micro-zones. The detailed knowledge of the soils has allowed the planting of more compatible variety with every single specificity. The results are touchable in quality and richness and in the diversity of grapes obtained.

The Bergullo (Imola) Estate

The Imola estate, where also the farm is located, is in the beautiful area of the “Tre Monti” (Three Mountains), on the first hills of Imola, at an altitude of about 100 meters above sea level. The total surface is of around 26 hectares, entirely cultivated as vineyards. The vineyard’s exposure is south-southeast. The soil is mostly clay-loam, and very compact. The examination of the soil confirmed what had become apparent in years of experience: in fact, the particular position of Imola plots and their constitution reveals that these are particularly suitable for white grapes.

Coordinates: 44°18’58.62” N 11°43’58.62” E

Average altitude: 95 m asl Main exposure: south-east

Area: Ha 28.12.25 Vines: Sangiovese, Albana, Chardonnay, Sauvignon Blanc, Cabernet Sauvignon, Pignoletto, Merlot

Average density: Ha 4.500 plants/Ha Zona DOC “Colli di Imola” e “Romagna”, M.G.A. Serra

The Petrignone (Forlì) Estate

The Petrignone estate, which covers about 28 hectares, enjoys a beautiful location on the Forlì hills, between Castrocaro and Predappio. It is an attractive terrace on the Adriatic plain, at an altitude of about 150 meters above the sea level. The vineyards are all exposed to the south. The soil is clayey with the presence of pebbles. In fact, it is a real microcosm in which there are different types of soil.

Coordinates: 44°12’35.20”N 11°56’41.94”E

Average altitude: 150 m asl Main exposure: south

Area: Ha 27.15.25

Vines: Sangiovese, Albana, Trebbiano

Average density: 4.000 plants/Ha

Zona DOC “Romagna”, M.G.A. Oriolo