Occasionally, some “life choices” occur in a non-rational way, perhaps with the belief that they are guided by emotions and feelings when, more or less unconsciously, a person obeys to something else. So it was when, in the early 1970s, Thea and Sergio Navacchia set off to this adventure. And so it was when David and Vittorio, at the death of their mother in 1989, decided that making wine would be the work of their lives.

Sergio and Thea, in their own way, were revolutionaries. A revolution that started in the vineyard (among the first to plant with large densities per hectare and to experiment with non-traditional vines) to continue in the cellar.

Important collaborations with the best Italian oenology: a young Francesco Spagnolli in the early eighties, then Vittorio Fiore until Donato Lanati, whose teachings were fundamental to Vittorio’s growth as manager of the agronomic and oenological management of the company.

It was therefore natural and physiological that the company emerged in the first regional and then national production scenarios. Before the specialized press and guides (the first “three glasses” dates back to 1997) nationals and also follow the international headlines (Thea 2008 was one of the first Sangiovese di Romagna to be attributed 90/100 by Wine Spectator, Thea Passito, even 94/100 by Wine Enthusiast!)