Our history

Some “life” choices are sometimes made in a non-rational way, perhaps with the conviction of being guided by emotions, by feelings, when instead, more or less unconsciously, one obeys something else. So, in the 70′, Thea and Sergio Navacchia started this adventure. And so it was when David and Vittorio, at the death of their mother, in 1989, decided that making wine would be the work of their lives.

Sergio and Thea, in their own way, were revolutionaries. A revolution that started from the vieyard (among the first to plant with large densities per hectare and to experiment with non-traditional vines) and continued in the vinery

Important collaborations with the best Italian enology: a very young Francesco Spagnolli in the early eighties, then Vittorio Fiore up to Donato Lanati, whose teachings were fundamental for the growth of Vittorio as head of agronomic and oenological management of the company.

It was therefore natural and physiological the emergence of the company in the productive landscape first regional and then also national. First the specialized press and national guides (the first “three glasses” is dated 1997) and to follow also titles international (Thea 2008 was one of the first Sangiovese di Romagna to be awarded 90/100 by Wine Spectator, Il Thea Passito, even 94/100 by Wine Enthusiast!)

Stages of our history


Sergio and Thea Navacchia bought Imola estates (only 16 hectars): the idea was to make wine for friends


Tre Monti is established: the first harvest allows to produce the first 10,000 bottles


The death of mother Thea is the turning point: from that moment on, making wine will no longer be just business for Sergio, Vittorio and David


The first vintage, 1997, of Thea Rosso is released. Our reference red, dedicated to mother Thea.


Our first Georgian amphora enters the cellar. Vitalba is born, which, three years from now, will be included by Wine Enthusiast among the top 100 wines in the world.

Prodotti nel carrello