Mappa zonazione Petrignone

Mappa zonazione Imola

Starting from the land, from our history, aware also to have a responsibility: to preserve and to make to bloom what there has been given and what is given us every vintage. And it is really in the respect of the fruit that we implement all that procedures to transform it in wines that, more each day, want to be characterized by their own specific identity. Especially in the traditional varieties the goal is completely focused to find the correct equilibrium between the experience of the past and the knowledge of today.

And this is really the dream, perhaps utopist, to safeguard a patrimony that belongs to the firm, that we begin a selection of the best plants of sangiovese grape, that are also the oldest. They will be reproduced in the hope of tracing today concretely a line of union that unites all the experiences until today, delivering them, as more as entire, to a future of wine lovers and dreamers.

We got the “real” breakthrough in 1999, when we started, with the consultancy of Attilio Scienza and Francis Bruno Lizio, a pioneering project micro-zoning, that allowed (and it is allowing) us to not only know in the least detail the characteristics of every particle of our two farms. In practice. the real vocation of every square meter of our soils. The two maps that you see at the side represent the synthesis of work of that days, still actual and valid to all today, essential passage of every cultural choice.

From there to make a fundamental choice as that of the organic management of the vines was a short step.

After the canonical three years of conversion, from the harvest 2014 all of our land, our grapes, and of course our wines, are certified organic by the certifying company “Suolo e Salute srl”.