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Best news always arrives when we need them
We are returning from a difficult harvest, characterized, as we know, by very low yields, which will lead us to face new situations next year, but, in fact, news like this often arrives to motivate you to the maximum.
Our Vitalba, Albana DOCG Secco, vinified in amphora, was included by the prestigious American specialized magazine Wine Enthusiast, among the best wines in the world of 2017.

Even in 25th position, fifth among Italian wines.
It was known that our wine had reached a very high score (94/100), but we never hoped to enter the super elite of world wines.
This is the (translated) comment on the wine by the magazine:

“Fermented in clay amphora, this fascinating“ orange wine ”opens with seductive aromas of dehydrated yellow fruit, spices, aromatic herbs, pressed yellow flowers and a balsamic note.
Boasting more fruit and flavor than many other wines of this genre, the enveloping and savory palate features apricot, yellow peach, candied nectarine rind, crystallized ginger and a touch of minerality. A marked acidity gives balance and lightness, while a honeyy note closes a persistent finish. Simply splendid “

A great emotion, and a sense of gratitude towards those who made this wine, primarily the “technical” soul of the company, Vittorio Navacchia, together with the consultants Nicola Tucci and Patrizio Gasparinetti, but also of Carlo Catani, “deus ex machina “of the” amphora in Romagna “project, and of the company’s employees, who worked hard to make this wine (and the others too …)

We have not had the opportunity to carry out an accurate historical research, but we would like to affirm that a regional wine had never entered this ranking, much less in the “top 25”: this year, however, in addition to our Vitalba, also the fantastic Radice 2016 of our friends Alberto and Barbara Paltrinieri (43rd position)!

In our opinion, an important signal of the rebirth of regional viticulture and of Albana in particular: a recognition of the work done in recent years by many small Romagna hill producers, who have believed in this vine, have made the best of it and, putting money into it and effort, they went (and still go) to promote it, in the first person, all over the world.

Vitalba is a dry Romagna DOCG Albana, vinified in Georgian amphora

The winemaking project in amphora, born from the curiosity of a group of Romagna producers for a technique that is becoming “fashionable”, has led us to rediscover the ancestral techniques of winemaking, which still today, in Caucasian Georgia, the cradle of vine cultivation and of wine production, are still those of thousands of years ago.

The grapes, whole and not pressed, are placed in terracotta amphorae made in Georgia. The maceration on the skins lasts about 90 days, at the end of which the must / wine is drawn off and then put back into the amphora for a further decantation of the lees.

Human intervention is minimal: no inoculation of yeasts, no temperature control, filtration only if necessary.
The first vintage of Vitalba was 2013 (600 bottles produced).
To date, the company has 4 Georgian amphorae for a production of approximately 2,800 bottles.

Best 100 2017 Wine Enthusiast:

Vitalba on WE: (PDF:!AsRs71uPwo91vAgtVPQcI0TGWzl5

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