The history of a family passion

Some choices of life are done, sometime, in a no-rational way, maybe thinking to be headed by feelings, by emotions, when, with (or not) consciousness you are following something Else.

So it was, when, in early ’70, Thea and Sergio Navacchia started this adventure….
And so it was when David and Vittorio, at their Mom death in 1989, decided that wine making would be their life.

We are what we... drink

They say we are what we eat. In our view we are also what we drink, especially if what we drink is coming from the land where you’re born and raised.

Our roots are firm on the same soil where our vines roots grown, as them we fed on that the land offered, and enjoyed fruits of the vine, making flavorful wine that many know and that many choose to celebrate their special moments.


Vinitaly 2019

Year after year another Vinitaly is on the way !...

Prowein 2019: here we are !

Happy to annouce that also this year we will be...

Our wines

Albana and Sangiovese, of course. The most typical among romagna wines take on the leading role in our portfolio. Four versions of the first one (two “young” and two reserves), and four for the second (two dry, one sweet and one “passito”). An evident witness of how much we are bound to our land and to our traditions.

But not only.
Not irrespective of vocation of every parcel, we always loved to experiment. It is not without reason if the first “Romagna” chardonnay born in the middle of our vineyards, in 1985, such as the Salcerella (100% sauvignon) has been the first sauvignon in our region


“Drinking men improve: make good business, win the causes, they are happy and support my friends.”