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Albana Dei 2020 – Splendid “double” of our Vitalba

“Albana Dei” the most important moment of discussion on the production of the first DOCG Bianca d’Italia (1987).
Every year all the dry Albana producers submit their albanas first to the judgment of a “technique” jury of experts, which selects the best seven, which are then submitted to the judgment of the “people”, in various appointments in the Romagna area. The response of the technical jury goes to assign the prize to the best dry Romagna Albana DOP; the public, on the other hand, is asked to taste and vote the finalist wines to elect “L’Indigeno del Cuore” – award Valter Dal Pane and also vote for other wines obtained, however, always only from dry Albana grapes.
This year the Albana wines were 61.
Well, to the already great joy of having two of our wines among the seven finalists, Vigna Rocca 2019 and Vitalba 2019, was added the thrill and satisfaction of seeing our Vitalba excel in both categories. This never happen in the history of the award, we are proud of it!
Note: of the 6 Albana present on the two podiums, 5 are Albana produced in the Imola area, practically a hegemony;)
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