Casa Lola

Sweet version (attention is not a passito) of our Albana Not cloying, we suggest to drink this with desserts not based on milk, but it is delicious even alone, maybe fresh!

  • Production area: Vigna nuova, Petrignone estate
  • Appellation: Romagna D.O.C.G. Albana Dolce
  • Grape variety: 100% Albana
  • Altitude: 150 m a.s.l.
  • Soil profile: Silty-clay
  • Training system: Capovolto
  • Vineyard density: 5500 plants / ha
  • Vineyard age: 1985
  • Yield per vine:1,7 kg/vine, with cluster thinning
  • Harvest period:September 15th, manual
  • Vinification: 12 day cryomaceration 100% in steel
  • Fermentation temperature:in still and vetrified concrete tank
  • Malolactic fermentation: Not
  • Average annual production: 6.000 bottles
  • Color: Intense golden yellow
  • Bouquet:Unmistakable, it reminds yellow fruits which are then recognized on the palate
  • Taste: Warm and enveloping, sweet but not cloying, ripe yellow fruits
  • Food suggestion: Here in Romagna, the donut (without the hole) is the best dessert! Flour, eggs, butter, milk and sugar are the ingredients. There is no village festival that did not end with a bit of “tociata” donut (wet donut) in the sweet albana


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  • Vinous April 2023: great debut for Classe 33 ! Best rating ever for Thea (red) 2020 !
  • Vinous Aprile 2023: grande esordio per il Classe 33!
  • Vinous March 2023
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