Sono Bianco

The SONO is born from a project started in 2006, first with the renunciation of the use, in the vineyard, of any synthetic fertilizer and “systemic” type pesticides, and then continued in the cellar by means of surprising vinification and aging tests without no use of sulfur dioxide After a first phase of saturation with the oxygen of the must (hyper-oxygenation), the cellar technology allows us to avoid, in any case, the production process, any contact with oxygen. The SONO will have the same life as a normal white wine vinified with traditional techniques, and its production will be possible only in the best years, that is able to give us perfectly healthy and ripe grapes.

  • Production area : Vigna del Lago, Imola estates
  • Appelation: Rubicone IGP Chardonnay
  • Grape variety: 100 Chardonnay Musqué
  • Altitude: 100 m asl
  • Soil profile : Medium-textured clayey silt
  • Traning system: Guyot
  • Vineyard density: 4800 plants/ha
  • Vineyard age:2001
  • Harvest period: August 28th, manual
  • Vinification: Hyper-oxygenation of the must and 15 days of fermentation at 15-17 ° in steel
  • Maturation: In steel under nitrogen
  • Average annual production:15.000 bottles




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