Sono Rosso

The SONO is born from a project started in 2006, first with the renunciation of the use, in the vineyard, of any synthetic fertilizer and “systemic” type pesticides, and then continued in the cellar by means of surprising vinification and aging tests without no use of sulfur dioxide. The cellar technology allows us to avoid, in any case, the production process, any contact with oxygen. The SONO will have the same life as a normal white wine vinified with traditional techniques, and its production will be possible only in the best years, that is able to give us perfectly healthy and ripe grapes.


  • Production area: Vigna della Casa, Imola Estate
  • Appellation: Romagna DOC Sangiovese Superiore with no added sulfites
  • Grape variety: 100% Sangiovese
  • Altitude: 120 m asl
  • Soil profile : Silty-clay with medium texture
  • Traning system : GDC (geneve double courtin)
  • Vineyard density: 5,000 plants / hectar
  • Vineyard age: 24 years
  • Yield per plant: 1,7 kg / plant with cluster thinning
  • Harvest period : End of September, manual picking
  • Vinification:  8-day maceration at 24°C, followed by malolactic fermentation, without added sulphite
  • Maturation: In inox steel tanks without added sulphite
  • Malolactic fermentation: Yes
  • Average annual production: 25,000 bottles
  • Color: Violaceaus red
  • Bouquet: Fresh red fruits with scented violet and chocolate hints
  • Taste: Fresh and young, with sour black cherry taste
  • Serving suggestion: Medium maturation cold cuts and cheeses. Pasta dishes with mushrooms or meat sauces. Grilled meats
  • Certified Organic by Suolo e salute, Certificate n. 33096


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  • SONO ROsso among the 100 best wines in the world for value for money 2017 by Wine Enthusiast
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