The first of our reserves of Sangiovese

It comes from the grapes of the farm of Petrignone, donated from very old vines and clone …. unknown…

For us it represents the archetype of Romagna Sangiovese

  • Production area: Vigna dei Fichi, Petrignone estate in Forlì
  • Appellation: Romagna DOC Sangiovese Riserva Oriolo
  • Grape variety:100% Sangiovese di Romagna
  • Altitude: 150 m a.s.l.
  • Soil profile Sandy clay, with gravely texture
  • Traning system : Spurred cordon
  • Vineyard density : 3500 plants/ ha
  • Vineyard age: 1968
  • Yield per vine: 1.3 kg/vine, with cluster thinning
  • Harvest period: Late august (Merlot) – late september (Cabernet)
  • Vinification: 12-day maceration at 28° – 30° C, followed by malolactic fermentation
  • Fermentation temperature:in still and vetrified concrete tank
  • Malolactic fermentation : Yes
  • Aging: In second and third passage medium-toasted Allier barriques for six months.
  • Average annual production: 25.000 bottles
  • Color: Ruby red
  • Bouquet: Intense fragrances of succulent red berry-fruit and dark cherry, with notes of black pepper
  • Taste:Beautiful echoing of the fragrances of the nose and long-lingering progression
  • Food suggestion: Egg-based dishes with prosciutto and pancetta, grilled and barbecued beef A aging wine




Petrignone 2011     Petrignone 2012      Petrignone 2013

  • Vinous April 2023: great debut for Classe 33 ! Best rating ever for Thea (red) 2020 !
  • Vinous Aprile 2023: grande esordio per il Classe 33!
  • Vinous March 2023
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