A second fermentation in the bottle for our first ancestral, linked to the regional tradition of Mosto wine. We like to define it as an hald classic method…

They forbid us to tell you with what grapes it is produced, but with a little effort you can get there !

  • Production area:Vigna Fondo vineyard, Imola estate
  • Appellation: White frizzante wine
  • Uve:
  • Altitude: 100 meters a.s.l.
  • Soil: Sandy clay
  • Training system: Capovolto
  • Vineyard density: 3.000 plants/hectar
  • Vineyard age: 1990
  • Yeld per vine: 2 kg/vine, with cluster thinning
  • Harvest:period Mid August, by hand
  • Vinification: Second fermetation into the bottles, using selected organic yeasts
  • Fining: bottle
  • Malolactic fermentation: Not
  • Average annual production: 8.000 bottles
  • Colour: Straw-coloured yellow, slightly cloudy
  • Bouquet : Characteristic, recalls the albana grape. It is easy to recognize the yeast
  • Palate: Fresh and fruity, lively and foamy with final sensation of cleaness
  • Food suggestion: Aperitif, “piadina” bread with salami, “italian pasta”
  • Notes: Sediment due to second fermentation into the bottle. Please serve very fresh.


ANABLA’ 2018     ANABLA’ 2019  ANABLA’ 2020

  • Vinous April 2023: great debut for Classe 33 ! Best rating ever for Thea (red) 2020 !
  • Vinous Aprile 2023: grande esordio per il Classe 33!
  • Vinous March 2023
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